Because every day counts...

Our last dance steps are engraved in my heart, he is my hero and will always remain so.

We are in 1980, in a small Isérois village, I am 11 years old.

During our long hours in the family garden close to the source, with a small village factory in the background, making me understand today my attraction for the loft and metallic side, I expressed my dream to him: To be on my 50th birthday in New York City.

At that time my dream was protected by her benevolent smile and by this wisteria which covered us with its shadow and intoxicated us with its very particular smell, mixed with other nearby smells so inspiring and atypical.

On July 7, 2019, the day I turned 50, I planted 50 trees in New York and threw a red rose tattooed on my forearm into the Central Park reservoir.

How a dream can last for decades, set you in motion, give you joy, make you dance, give you crazy energy, absolute confidence in the future to one day deposit a piece of your history in a reservoir to thousands of kilometers from the place where you dreamed as a child alongside your hero.

This hero with his deep and true values, who for 50 years by my side has constantly transmitted to me, perseverance, will, courage and pride.

A word on a mirror….A rose in a reservoir…

Breathe in perseverance, courage, will and pride as you intoxicate yourself with these mischievously associated scents in 4 bottles: black edition, white edition, gray edition and pink edition.

Because every day counts...

Close your eyes and feel, to bring out in you:

Perseverance, will, courage and pride.

Ysabelle Donat